MASHIK Company Ltd.

Industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


Reconditioning and servicing screw, centrifugal and pistons refrigeration and A/C compressors.


Agencies for Refrigeration and commercial A/C equipment.

MASHIK Ltd. has been active for more than 75 years and is considered as the leading and most veteran company in Israel in the field of maintenance, servicing, reconditioning and rebuilding of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning compressors including commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems operating with both Freon and ammonia refrigerants.

Over the years, MASHIK has developed unique technical capabilities allowing its customers among them the largest and most prestigious corporations in Israel to benefit from a wide range of services and capabilities in the field of Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment re-building, maintenance and service. 


27 HaTa’aiyah Street, Nesher.

POB 366, Zip code 36602.

Telephone: 04-8211605